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Terpene Infused Candles - West coast bloom

Sultry Sativa

Intoxicating Seduction


Primary Terpenes

α-Pinene, β-pinene and Myrcene

Aroma Profile

Geranium, wild bergamot, quince blossoms, black rose, leather, tobacco, and vanilla


Euphoric and Energizing

Terpene Infused Candles - West coast bloom

Intoxicating Seduction

Alluring shadows fiercely dominate the innocence of the fresh morning air. A vivid burst of the elegant black rose pairs with fresh bergamot from Italy. Leather and tobacco sinfully display a fiery lust amongst the florals. Splashed with sweet and velvety vanilla, it begs for the quickly lost innocence.

Awaken to a modern-day garden

of good and evil, where floral innocence accelerates into glowing deviance of black rose, leather, and tobacco


We selected wood wicks because they add to the unique sensory experience that West Coast Bloom candles offer. Our wicks are a natural product, cut from untreated wood with slight variances in the thickness and grain of each wick resulting in a unique burn from candle to candle. We want you to enjoy every moment of your West Coast Bloom experience, so please read below for full guidance on how to light and care for your new candle properly:

Step 01 | Trim

Before lighting, trim the wick to 1/4” in length. Shortening the wick each time allows it to burn more slowly, allowing for a clean and smoke-free burn.

Note: If you have over-trimmed the wick, gently remove a small amount of wax from directly around the wick. Relight the newly exposed wick and enjoy!

Step 02 | Burn

On your first light, allow the entire wax surface to melt for a MINIMUM of three (3) hours. There may be some “wax wall hanging,” but that is normal. To minimize this, allow enough time for your first burn!

Do not allow your candle to burn for more than four (4) consecutive hours after the initial burn.

Step 03 | Upcycle

When your candle has 1/4” of wax left, it’s time to upcycle the glass. Over-burning your candle can cause excessive blackening or overheating of the jar. We hope you loved your West Coast Bloom candle experience enough to repurpose your candle vessel!

We would love to see how you repurpose your vessel. Tag us @westcoastbloom on IG to be featured!

Terpene Infused Candles - West coast bloom

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Terpene Infused Candles - West coast bloom

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